June 24, 2022
Should You Be Looking For Property Hotspots?
When you are doing research for your next investment property, you’ve probably come across the ter…
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June 7, 2022
5 Things To Research Before Investing In Property
If you’re thinking about purchasing a property for your investment portfolio, then it’s importan…
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May 27, 2022
Benefits of Using A Property Investment Consultant
Investing in property in the Australian market is an excellent way to start setting yourself up for …
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May 9, 2022
How To Quit Your Job and Build Wealth Through Real Estate
It is millions of Australians' dream to quit their job and enjoy a passive income. Rather than spend…
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April 30, 2022
Property Investment Strategies To Help You Get Ahead
Now is the perfect time to start working towards your financial goals by investing in the property m…
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April 26, 2022
Why Property Is the Best Long Term Investment You Can Make
If you’re ready to start building your financially successful and independent future, then you nee…
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March 7, 2022
The psychology of success by Zaki Ameer of DDP Property
When it comes to the psychology of success, the first thing you need to ask yourself is why you want…
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March 3, 2022
From Broke To Property Millionaire Shares How DDP Property Can Help You Break Into The Real Estate Market Too
Growing up, Zaki had chauffeurs and maids. He lived in a large house and went to the best school in …
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September 26, 2021
The concept of mentoring is not a new phenomenon, however to guarantee success as a small-business i…
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November 12, 2019
Retirement plan catch-up: How to prepare for it at any age
Australia’s superannuation system is one of the largest in the world, with approximately $2 trilli…
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October 1, 2019
5 Reasons The Government Won't Let Property Fail...
5 reasons the government won't let property fail... Hi , One of the things I love most about propert…
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October 1, 2019
Unethical conduct of real estate spruikers
[Rant] Unethical conduct of real estate spruikers Hi , I’ve got to get something off my chest. Hav…
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April 5, 2016
Property expert Zaki Ameer shares his winning formula
REAL estate expert and wealth development coach Zaki Ameer has just launched his first book "Dream I…
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April 5, 2016
Zaki Ameer on the front page of the Financial Review
Zaki Ameer owns 15 negatively-geared investment properties in Sydney and Brisbane and worries that L…
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