May 3, 2024
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Who is Zaki and story?

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Who is Zaki Ameer? What is your story?

I've come here to Australia now 26 years, came from Sri Lanka originally, went to private school, did all of that stuff, got really spoiled.

My parents said we need to send this child out somewhere so he can learn to grow up a little bit more. And so I ended up in Australia going from a very comfortable lifestyle and having everything taken care of to having nothing and being broke, 17 years old, moved 12 houses between seventeen years old. and 24 years old, but the one thing I always knew is that I wanted to get ahead. And I think that determination came from my upbringing, which is to get ahead. And I see that looking back at my life, even though I was 17 years old, and I look at people still giving excuses today about not having this or not having that, or this is a problem, and I look at myself coming to Australia.

English was still my first language, but didn't know sarcasm as much. much as I do these days and probably more sarcastic. If you know and have a willing determination to get ahead, you will. And I guess when it comes down to who is Zaki, more than what I've done in real estate and helping others succeed in real estate, DDP is now 14 years old, probably two and a half thousand clients have been through it.

It's just this determination to get ahead and getting ahead means that no matter what comes in front of you. you get up and bounce back again.

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