June 3, 2024
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Would Zaki buy in regional areas?

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Would you buy in regional areas buying property in regional areas?

That's a great question. 15 years ago, I had three properties in regional New South Wales because I was not very clear on my reasonings, my why, and my strategy.

I ended up short selling it probably four years out. And when I recommend to clients to hold on to real estate for at least 10 years. And the reason I sold out is because I thought they were a bad investment. And the reason I thought it was a bad investment is because of other people's opinions, which is always a problem. Those three properties. properties were bought for $100,000 each. I only needed $10,000 deposit back then. Now I look back, those properties are worth $400,000. And so it's not about,

Yeah, it's only $400,000. It comes back to the return on investment. I only put $10,000 in to get a nearly $300,000 return. So that's changed my view on regional properties. The most migration that's happening in Australia right now is in regional areas for, you know, migrants or skill. workers to get their permanent residencies, et cetera. So yes, I would buy in regional areas.

It depends on where you're buying, what's behind it, doing your research, what's driving it, the industries, the towns, the jobs, resources, and look into that. Once you're sure that there's long-term growth or historic growth that's come behind it, plus there are tenants that have been there for a while, or you've got a minimum 12-month lease, I don't have an issue buying in regional areas. areas and in the last few years we bought in regional areas and my clients have already done well from those properties.

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